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13 Comentarios

  1. Valeria Fernández Sáenz

    ¿Me podrían enviar la información de contacto de los periodistas encargados de cubrir temas tecnológicos? Muchas gracias.

  2. Comite Turismo Santa Ana

    Gracias.. saludos!

  3. Buenas tardes, necesito el número de teléfono de la redacción para poder comunicarme con el periodista que esta encargado de la sección tecnología del sitio.
    Desde ya muchas gracias

  4. Francisco garcia

    Hablemos sobre emprender como solución en época de crisis

  5. Wilfredo Bermudez

    Donald Trump and Political Correctness
    Definitely Mr. Trump was created by the abuses of the Hispanic Community, in particular The Mexican Community. Everywhere in USA, the values and respect for our laws are been violated time and time again. Americans are killed by illegal drunk drivers and murdered by illegal criminals many of them protected in Sanctuary Cities funded by The Federal Gov; some of them fresh out of jail .The cost of supporting the illegal’s was calculated many years ago at $20 Billion dollars in benefits, hospitals medications ect ect. Schools are bursting at the seams with illegal children; new schools have been built and taxpayers have their taxes increased ex:. In Nevada. Hordes of illegals are invading our borders and American cities… Mr. Trump has put his finger on the festering wound in the heart of the American people.
    The other man that has been created by the abuse of the Hispanic community is The FEARFUL AMERICAN Citizen because of the Political Correctness, he is afraid to open his mouth publicly and express his rights under the 1th Amendment of The USA Constitution to say what is in his mind. He must be sure no to speak and only node his head. Whatever he says will send him to human resources office accused of racism, discrimination, harassment even worse sexual harassment. He must be sure who his friend are in the work place, which has become so corrupt with the protection of the illegal’s that the American citizen has lost his rights to be an American in his own country. Corporations don’t want to run afoul of the Federal Government hundred of regulations protecting the illegals.
    I believe the supporters of the illegals: organizations, Catholic Churches, the Mexican governments, and its societies same as in the Central Americans countries are “barking to the wrong tree”. If the barking were to be done in the right place where it belongs the solution will be found in no time. That solution lies in those countries recognition of their own civic and moral responsibilities that fact is ignored by the supporters of the illegals.
    Those countries have found USA to be an easy target and have washed their hand from their obligation to their citizenship. Why they do so? Las Remesas. These are now part of their Country Economic Planning; the more illegal’s they let loose the LARGER AMOUNT of millions of dollars their countries receive; therefore, there is no incentive to develop their economies any other way but, on the backs of their illegal’s citizens and the American taxpayers; their increment and developing of their economies is secure. The more ellligals the better. The direct beneficiary of the illegals is on one hand Obama and his administration; VOTES generated by the disgrace humane of the illegal’s in USA and the other beneficiary: Mexican and Central American governments and their Burgesses societies.
    • The borders are wide open and American taxpayer is footing the bill of the hordes of illegal’s coming through, getting the jobs and sending the remesas back home which do not benefit the American treasure, The Remesas are now the cornerstone of the Economy Planning of Mexico and Central American countries Therefore, there will never be a solution to the illegal problems because we are taking on the obligations from those governments.
    • Has ever been demonstration in front of The Socalo in Mexico?. No. Mexicans should Stop worrying about the Mexican President socks and about Mexican football and solve their illegal emigration and social economics problems lest have a bit of self-respect.

  6. Francesca O. Heiser

    Por favor puede indicarme como conseguir una copia de un ariculo del Disrio Latino. Aqui esta la informacion:

    Artículo: La Voz de los Ausentes, Una Familia de Maestros Diario Latino, El Periódico de la Voluntad Nacional
    22 de Mayo de 1966

  7. Francesca O. Heiser

    Por favor puede indicarme cómo hacer para conseguir este artículo que apareció en el Diario Latino. Solo tengo una fotocopia que no puede leerse. Aqui esta la informacion:

    Artículo: La Voz de los Ausentes, Una Familia de Maestros Diario Latino, El Periódico de la Voluntad Nacional
    22 de Mayo de 1966

  8. Ana Lilian Fuentes

    Un saludo. Necesito saber si se puede ver la seccion de Deportes Juegos Estudiantiles 1976 en linea. O si existe una biblioteca de los periodicos antiguos.

  9. Mayte Noriega Fernandez

    Soy una periodista mexicana y quisiera entrar en contacto con ustedes. Me podrían dar datos de contacto?

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